Privacy is baked in

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We value user privacy

We are not in the business of mining information of any kind. We store only limited bits of information as outlined below.

Privacy in Action

STORAGEWhat we store

We store the data associated with every form request for up to two minutes in order to prevent malicious attacks and stop duplicate submissions. Pro users can opt-in to more data storage features including Submission History and Subscriber Lists. Submission History will store your last 500 submissions as JSON and Subscriber List will permanently store a select set of submitted fields into our database.

After two minutes has expired, with the exception of the Submission History and Subscriber Lists Pro features, there is no way we can retrieve the data sent along with a form -- it is not stored on our servers.

Here are things we store permanently: We store the email address provided to us in the form's action attribute along with the timestamp of every form submission to that email. This allows us to count the number of transactions executed in any given month. We also permanently store email addresses for users who wish to unsubscribe from our service. Additionally, we may store an end-users' IP address for purposes of preventing abuse to the service.

SECURITYSecure endpoint

All our endpoints are https enabled so the connection made to us is private and encrypted. It is recommended that you also enable https on the website where your form is hosted as this will provide end-to-end encryption and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

03/2019Passing secure data

Do not request users to pass any sensitive or personally identifiable information in your forms. This includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, drivers license information, as well as other forms of private data. Be aware that while we may take automated efforts to prevent some sensitive data from being passed, we provide no guarantee of doing so and, we cannot reasonably obfuscate most forms of personally identifiable information.

SERVICESThird-Party Services

We use third-party services to faciliate day-to-day business. This includes Amazon SES for sending emails and Digital Ocean for server infrastructure. We are bound by their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.