Use the link sent to your email to activate email supression.

Unsolicited Emails

If you recieved an Ottoform that you did not request we apologize. Please review the common reasons you might get an Ottoform below.

If you wish to block future emails, please write to us at using the email address in question or use our automated supression system.

WHAT'S THISWhy did I get an Ottoform?

First, check that someone has not setup an Ottoform on your behalf. Often times web developers, marketing teams, designers, and other individuals may setup Ottoforms and point them to shared inboxes.

Additionally, we provide HTTP referer information with each email. Check to see if the referrering URL address looks familiar.

If you do not recognize anything about the form it's possible that your email address was incorrectly used on a valid form. Otherwise, someone may be attempting to spam you by misusing our service. Please let us know at

UNSUBSRIBEPlease remove me

To remove yourself write to us at using the email receiving unwanted contact. Or you can use our automated supression system.

If using the automated system, please click on the link sent to your inbox. If we detect that you are receiving forms and you can verify ownership of the email we will supress all future contact.